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You the customer: A person or company requiring a service or product from Webbwelding. Order Confirmation: Formal confirmation of placed order by you or your company. Price: Stated at time or prior to order confirmation.

Product or Service: as described in order confirmation.

Order Application: Placing an order means acceptance of these terms.

Quotations and Orders: All quotes are only valid in writing, and for the time stated, if unstated then the period of ten days applies. Quotation will be sent by fax email or phone, but must be in writing to be binding. All orders must be submitted in writing by fax or email and contain the company order number or reference, or in the case of an individual non company customer, a signed letter.

Price and Payment Terms: Products and services offering prices, tax, shipment, and installation are as shown on the invoice. Changes in exchange rates, carriage and purchase costs may cause Webbwelding to adjust prices accordingly, and in the event of this happening you will be notified within reasonable time and before order commences.

Products and services may be subject to a deposit which will be agreed in writing and must be paid before any work commences.

Delivery and Settlement: The delivery period in the order confirmation is approximate. The place of delivery is stated in the order confirmation. Titlement for goods or services can not pass on until payment made in full to Webbwelding. You may not modify or resell goods until payment made in full. Refusal of delivery of goods with out agreement may result in expenses for loss resulting from the refusal. Risk of lost goods passes to you on delivery.

Acceptance: On receiving goods or service you must inspect it for any defects or non conformity within 14 days, after this period you will have accepted the product. If goods are returned it must be in its original condition with a return note, and without prior agreement the return costs may be payable by you.

Warranty: Unless otherwise stated all goods and services are subjected to a 12 months guarantee which states free from defect in this time. If product is deemed to be defective in this time Webbwelding will replace or repair within reasonable time. The guarantee only applies if goods have been used as stated by Webbwelding. Warranty may be revised from time to time but any change will not affect products ordered by you prior to the date of such change.

Webbwelding cannot guarantee any goods or products that have been misused, modified, or used for any other purpose other than that which it was manufactured for.

Services: services will be provided by Webbwelding; response times are estimated and may vary by such things as remoteness or accessibility of location. All services offered by Webbwelding must be completed by us or an agreement made in writing that a third party may finish such service, to which Webbwelding must inspect all work at the end of the contract.

Liability: Webbwelding accepts liability for any property loss or damage, death or personal injury caused by negligence or deliberate misconduct of Webbwelding employees. This may be subject to Webbwelding liability insurance.

Force Majeure: Webbwelding is not liable for delays in performance or delivery times caused by circumstances beyond its control and may be entitled to a time extension unless other wise stated by the customer at the time of contract. If delay persists for more than 2 months Webbwelding reserve the right to terminate the contract, or revise that contract.

Confidentiality: Both Webbwelding and the customer must treat all information received as confidential

Termination: Webbwelding may terminate any agreement with immediate affect and without written notice if a fail to pay, breach of terms and conditions, becomes insolvent or is unable to pay debts as they become due.

Customers Obligation: It is the obligation of the customer to; make sure of the suitability of the product or goods and its use. To notify of any change during manufacture of any thing that may affect the use or suitability of the goods. You must provide Webbwelding the courtesy, information, and cooperation as well as a safe environment for Webbwelding employees to complete contracts that are to be installed or delivered to your premises or third party premises.

Data Protection: All data will be held or transferred in accordance with data protection laws applicable to English laws.

Jurisdiction: English law and English courts will apply to this agreement.

Miscellaneous: If any part of this agreement is found to be enforceable or invalid by a court the rest is unaffected and Webbwelding may transfer its obligations or rights to a third party. All notices will be in writing via fax, email, or postage, and maybe sent to a legal officer.

These terms and conditions were submitted on the date of May 1st 2008

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